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Director General of Atlant-Media Holding is P. Zhemerov
Director General of Atlant-Media Holding is P. Zhemerov

Atlant-Media started in 1995 and by now has become one of the biggest manufacturers of hardware for perimeter security. We have a large-scale production with a professional team of process engineers, managers and economists, which decreases production costs. We have implemented a quality management system (as confirmed by ISO 9001:2000 international certificate) applied to the manufacture of the reinforced razor tape. The high quality of our products has been confirmed by RosT (the Russian Voluntary Certification System) certificate #36.001.055 and the RF Ministry of Interior certificate # МВД RU.0001.H00225.

We specialize in making the reinforced razor wire and concertina security barrier (Egoza). All our products satisfy international quality standards, as confirmed by ISO 9001 quality certificate and as demonstrated by the absence of complaints from our customers. For diversification, we have also manufactured metal building products since 2005.

We provide complete legal support of the deal. We are the first in the list of the leading companies making quality security fences, and we can offer quality goods at a lower price. With our traditionally top-grade materials, high production standards, intelligent management and flexible discounts we are proud to say that if you become our client, you will not be disappointed.

About our products

In the 1980s, the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs together with the Ministry of Defense developed a security barrier called 'Egoza R' (a fidget). Internationally, it is called 'concertina razor wire'.

After developing the manufacture of concertina security barriers, complying with the international quality standards, our company started the brand 'Концертина' (concertina) and registered a same-name trademark.

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