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Concertina and Flatwrap Security Barriers for Perimeter Reinforcement

The special concertina security barrier can be installed as follows:

  • On-the-ground installation: special security barriers can be mounted vertically or horizontally in one, two or three rows, anchored to the ground and fastened together with tie wire.

  • Installation on top of the existing perimeter (fence, etc.): the security barrier is fastened with metal brackets.

  • Complex installation (on top of the existing fence and on the ground inside the perimeter): to ensure strong fixation, the barrier can be air-gunned to the reinforced concrete wall with metal straps.

The special concertina security barrier does not require complicated installation constructions along the secured perimeter; the barrier is easy to install. We employ highly efficient installation methods of our own design.

The reinforced razor tape and the concertina and flatwrap security barriers, which are made out of it, are all highly traumatizing. The installation of security fences requires special skills and equipment, and, to prevent accidents and to get a good-quality, reliable and durable fencing, it should be carried out only by specially-trained professionals. Particular attention must be paid to the holding strength of the concertina fence, to the correct choice of brackets and anchors, and to the proper positioning of the coil to preserve its springing properties. Only if you have taken into consideration all these factors, the security of your perimeter can be guaranteed. That is why the installation must be carried out by professionals.

Sample usage of concertina security barriers

Click a photo to enlarge…

security barrier used to reinforce the existing perimeter
security barrier used to reinforce barbwire entanglement
The installation team are mounting flatwrap barrier on top of the reinforced concrete wall
A combined concertina-and-flatwrap barrier
In-the-field installation of the concertina security barrier
Complex installation (on top of the existing fence and on the ground inside the perimeter)
Concertina security barrier reinforcing a concrete wall
Concertina security barrier reinforcing a profiled metal wall

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