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If you need to reinforce the perimeter of a factory, establishment facilities, a storehouse or a private property and you are unfamiliar with perimeter reinforcement and security means, it can be very easy to get lost in the diversity of their parameters and features. Here are the basic characteristics of Egoza razor wire that you should keep in mind:

Spiral Diameter

The spiral diameter (500 mm, 600 mm, 900 mm) is selected individually for every secured facility or sector. First of all, maximum effectiveness has to be achieved; then goes the possibility and convenience of installation. The bigger the diameter the greater the effectiveness, though the cost of the running meter increases as well. Please, note that, as a rule, by 'coil diameter' the transportation dimensions are meant. The spiral diameter decreases after stretching and installing. For example, a 500 mm spiral will shrink to 450 mm after installation.

Spiral Diameter
Spiral Diameter

Number of Loops in Coil

The loops number may vary from 31 to 61. The less the number of loops the lighter the coil and the more convenient it is to install. This leads, however, to a greater number of junctions, which are potentially vulnerable. A ruse of some dishonest sellers is to declare a lower price per coil, while the latter consists of fewer loops and ends up to be overstretched when installed.

Coil Extension Length (the length of the secured territory)

The coil extension length declared in price-lists quite often differs from the actual one. The principle requirement here is that the interval between the loops should not exceed 390 mm. Overstretching results in a greater loop interval, degradation of spiral rigidity and, correspondingly, compromises the whole highly-efficient-security-barrier concept.

Coil Extension Length
Coil Extension Length

Number of Clips

Sometimes, the seller, taking advantage of the customer's incompetence, does not specify the number of clips (3 or 5) and sells the cheaper 3-clip spiral at the price of the more expensive 5-clip one. It should be borne in mind that a 3-clip fastening is permissible only with small-diameter spirals (500-600 mm) - at the expense of degradation of the barrier efficiency (its rigidity and resistance to cutting) - while with large-diameter spirals (900 mm) it is totally unacceptable, for the fence becomes virtually useless.

Number of Clips
Number of Clips - Example

Quality of Raw Materials

The thickness of the galvanized tape must lie within 0.5 to 0.55 mm. Initially, a thinner tape affects the security barrier very little, but it will make its lifetime several times shorter over a long time. The core wire must be high-carbon and galvanized, lying in the diameter range from 2.4 mm to 2.5 mm. With ungalvanized wire, you will soon lose your fence. Clips must also be made from galvanized metal; otherwise, corrosion at the conjunctions will compromise the structure functionally and aesthetically.

Quality of Raw Materials
Quality of Raw Materials

Production Technology

You should thoroughly examine the tape folding. The tape has to be tightly pressed around the core-wire, allowing no play at all. It must not bear any signs of damage (deformation of) to the galvanized surface, which often happens when rundown equipment is used (worn-out punches) or there are faults in the manufacturing procedure. The same factors define barb sharpness.

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