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Inexpensive Barbed Wire: cheap is not always good

The Russian security barriers market has recently witnessed Egoza concertina security barriers offered at very low, almost dumping prices. The sellers explain that this Egoza comes from China. Why is it this cheap, anyway? The times when the Chinese people worked for a plate of rice have long gone. Moreover, you have to cover half of the world to bring it here. In this article, we shall try to establish the difference between Egoza made in Russia and that of Chinese origin.

What is the difference between the Chinese and Russian Egoza? Our products are for those who know what money is worth. On average, buyers of security barriers are only interested in the price per running meter, ton or barbwire bundle, failing to bear in mind the lifetime of the product, to say nothing or its effectiveness.

Suppose, you purchase 100,000 rubles worth of Chinese Egoza razor wire to secure your perimeter. Installation will also cost 100,000 rubles. Total cost will amount to 200,000 rubles. With security barriers made out of Chinese Egoza razor wire lasting no longer than 4 years, the calculations are roughly as follows: 200,000 divided by 5 makes 40,000 rubles of expenses per year.

If you use Egoza razor wire produced by Atlant-Media, you will need 200,000 rubles to buy the security barrier and, similarly to the previous case, 100,000 rubles to install (we skip the fact that our Egoza is easier to work with due to the more rigid, unbending core-wire). With the 25 years of guaranteed on-site lifetime you get - 300,000 divided by 25 - 12,000 rubles of expenses a year. Now, whose product is cheaper?

Why is our Egoza so durable then? First, we use only quality galvanized materials. For instance, the metal to make the tape has a 150 g/m2 zinc coating, while with the Chinese metal the zinc coating is only 50-100 g/m2.

our concertina security wire
Our concertina security wire

China concertina security wire
China concertina security wire

However, it is not only galvanizing that defines the lifetime of a barrier. Undoubtedly, zinc coating makes the fencing more durable, but the main defining factor is razor tape resilience and resistance to deformation. The spiral must not be distorted if exposed to mechanical force (for example, when climbed over); it must spring back and re-take its original shape. This can be achieved if, for the core, a galvanized high-carbon (GOST 7372-79) wire of at least 2.5 mm diameter is used (unlike the Chinese counterpart, in which they employ a cheap 2 - 2.2 mm low-carbon wire). The thicker the core-wire the more efficient the product is. Increasing the diameter from 2.5 to 2.65 mm, for instance, makes the barrier much harder to overcome. Taking into consideration the price-quality ratio, we use the wire of 2.5 mm diameter.

The quality of Egoza barriers depends considerably on the thickness and profile of the galvanized tape. Typically, Egoza of Chinese origin is as thick as 0.4 - 0.45 mm, which is too thin. If an intrusion over the barrier is attempted, the barbs simply bend instead of being caught on, thus making the whole installation of a security barrier senseless. For our products, we use galvanized steel tape no thinner than 0.55 mm (GOST 14918-80). The profile of China-made Egoza is designed in the form of small barbs with long gaps between them, which decreases coil transportation dimensions and makes it possible to load a greater number thereof, though its protective (hooking) properties are much less effective compared to those of Russian Egoza.

Another important thing in the production of security barriers is the clips that equidistantly fasten the spiral loops. A 900 mm-diameter 5-clip 42-loop spiral covers 9 - 10 m of a perimeter. A 900 mm-diameter 3-clip 42-loop spiral can be stretched to as far as 12 m. The price movement from a 3-clip to a 5-clip spiral is insignificant but the quality is completely different. Extra clips do not allow overstretching; the loops in the spiral are closer, the barrier is rigid, better-looking, and more efficient and reliable.

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